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Important Safety Information

Important Safety Information

BARRIGEL is used to increase the distance between the prostate and the anterior rectal wall, with the intent of decreasing radiation dose delivered to the rectum when treating prostate cancer with radiation. BARRIGEL is only administered by qualified and properly trained physicians. BARRIGEL is contraindicated in prostate cancer patients with clinical stage T4 disease.

As with any medical treatment, there are some risks involved with the use of BARRIGEL. Potential complications associated with the use of BARRIGEL include, but are not limited to: pain associated with BARRIGEL injection; needle penetration of the bladder, prostate, rectal wall, rectum, or urethra; injection of BARRIGEL into the bladder, prostate, rectal wall, rectum, urethra, or intravascularly; local inflammatory reactions; infection; urinary retention; rectal mucosal damage, ulcers, necrosis; bleeding; constipation; and rectal urgency. Discuss these adverse effects with your healthcare provider.

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