Welcome to the future of rectal spacing

An unsolved Rubik's cube in grayscale. Text reads "Goodbye Complicated"
Barrigel syringe in grayscale. Text reads "Hello Control"

Sculptable control for customizable coverage

Barrigel is the first-and-only sculptable rectal spacer available. Its unique gel formulation maintains a malleable consistency throughout the procedure, ensuring the high levels of precision and control required for anatomy-specific spacing.

Barrigel decreases negative side effects from radiation therapy and improves upon PEG hydrogel spacers by delivering greater control, enabling patient-specific coverage, eliminating injection-time pressure, and providing high TRUS visibility.1

3D rendering of Barrigel's malleable consistency, ensuring high levels of precision and control for anatomy-specific spacing
Barrigel on transrectal ultrasound (TRUS), showing that its sculptability allows for anatomy-specific coverage


See how Barrigel allows you to sculpt the spacer to your patient’s anatomy.

Mechanism of action

Watch how Barrigel provides the
control you need for optimal coverage.

3D rendering showing that Barrigel does not harden or polymerize, allowing additional material to be placed where needed
An average of 85 percent rectal dose reduction in patients who met the primary endpoint


*54 Gy is 90% of 60 Gy

Efficacy and safety

Learn how customizable
coverage results in significant
rectal dose reduction
with Barrigel.1

Join the future
of rectal spacing

To start using Barrigel, request enrollment in
the Barrigel Training Program.

Rubik's cube used courtesy of Spin Master.

  1. Mariados NF, Orio PF, Schiffman Z, et al. Hyaluronic acid spacer for hypofractionated prostate radiation therapy: a randomized clinical trial. JAMA Oncol. 2023;e1-e8.