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I offer Barrigel to my prostate cancer patients, as it provides excellent rectal protection during radiation treatment by displacing the rectum from high dose radiation fields. During our consultation, I review the history of how I began using a PEG Hydrogel spacer in 2016, and that we now have a new spacer called Barrigel, which I believe is safer, better tolerated (and is proven to be well tolerated), and versatile.

Michael J Greenberg, MD

Radiation Oncologist at Jefferson Health in Philadelphia, PA, and Designated Barrigel Center of Excellence

When I talk to my patients about Barrigel, the biggest thing I like to focus on is the protection, as well as the very low rate of complications. When I explain to my patients that, in the real world, a rectal complication has happened zero times with Barrigel and as much as 50% of the time with PEG hydrogel, it’s a no-brainer.

Varun Sundaram, MD

Urologist at Urology Austin in Austin, TX, and Designated Barrigel Center of Excellence

What I like about Barrigel is that I now have a safe product to reduce the risk of side effects to the rectum that is easily performed while I place the fiducial markers. My patients are thankful for this level of protection during their radiation treatment.

Daniel R Welchons, MD

Principal Urologist at A.M.P. Urology in Syracuse, NY, and Designated Barrigel Center of Excellence

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