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Please note Palette Life Sciences provides this Physician Finder to support patients who want to learn more about the Barrigel procedure by helping to connect them to doctors who currently have demonstrated and maintain Barrigel procedure clinical proficiency. Names and details are provided for your information only. Decisions regarding choice of doctor and treatment options are a patient’s responsibility, as is all communication and interaction with listed medical professionals. Barrigel procedure clinical proficiency is developed and maintained by completing a comprehensive Barrigel Training Program, performing a minimum of 4 Barrigel procedures, and maintaining a minimum of 24 Barrigel procedures annually. All doctors on the Physician Finder have completed the stated requirements for developing and maintaining Barrigel procedure clinical proficiency. Palette Life Sciences has no vested interest in any specific doctors, nor does Palette Life Sciences provide any recommendation, assurance, or guarantee with respect to their service. Doctors listed on the Physician Finder pay no fee for inclusion. Some doctors listed may purchase products from, provide consulting services to, and/or be a party to a co-marketing agreement with Palette Life Sciences. You and your doctor must determine if treatment with the Barrigel procedure is right for you.