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Reimbursement support

We can help your staff and your patients understand specific insurance information and reimbursement guidelines for Barrigel.

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Use these resources to learn more about Barrigel, how it can help your patients undergoing radiation therapy for prostate cancer, and how to integrate it into your practice.





Barrigel is the first and only sculptable rectal spacer protecting the rectal wall during radiation therapy for prostate cancer.

What makes Barrigel different?

It all starts with Barrigel's non-polymerizing composition designed to give you the control you need and the customizable coverage you want.

Barrigel is made from non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid known as NASHA, a material proven safe and effective for over 20 years in more than 50 million procedures worldwide.

Barrigel’s internal structure provides both sculptability and lift, making it an ideal material for rectal spacing. Every anatomy is different and deserves a customized implant.

An advantage of Barrigel is it allows the precision necessary to achieve the optimal placement in every patient.

Throughout the procedure, Barrigel allows you to sculpt the shape of the implant.

With its hyperechoic properties that ensure high visibility on TRUS, you have a clear view of Barrigel as you sculpt the implant in real time.

This protects the rectal wall and provides adequate lateral coverage from apex to base.

Because Barrigel does not polymerize or harden, additional material may be placed where needed to achieve optimal coverage.

Barrigel: sculptable control for customizable coverage.


Mechanism of Action
Barrigel Assembly
3D rendering showing Barrigel being inserted between the prostate and rectum
Gloved healthcare worker demonstrating the Barrigel single-step assembly process, attaching needle to syringe
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If you are a healthcare provider looking for more information, our Barrigel Spacing Consultants can help. Please contact the Barrigel Information Center to be connected with your local consultant:

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Barrigel product support

For adverse event reporting and product complaint reporting, contact:

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